Eternal Love Meditation or ELM is a completely new style of Meditation That gives a wonderful deep experience of Higher States of Consciousness And soothing waves of Love and Peace than you ever thought were possible.

The ELM Program

ELM evolved out of Fulfillment Meditation, but the results were so much better that we had to give it a new name and upgrade everything we are offering. Eternal Love Meditation or ELM is the most innovative and the most evolved form of meditation that is available today.

Even if you have never done meditation before, ELM offers you a deeply satisfying experience that tangibly opens your Heart, provides deeper rest than sleep, releases your stress and karmic challenges, and awakens the Infinite Source Consciousness of the Universe inside of you.

We offer four meditation techniques

ETERNAL LOVE MEDITATION - Senses, Soma, and Perception Beyond the Now

The concrete world of perception is melting into a Unified Field of Consciousness. Waves of Love are sweeping through our senses. Our sense of Self is becoming expanded into Multidimensional Perceptions of Reality. The 3D limited perception from our Past is being replaced by gentle Perceptions Beyond the Now, that are filled with new love, new light, and new insight.

Eternal Love Meditation will help us open our Heart and melt the walls that have separated us from our Self, from Nature, and from the world and people around us. This new style of meditation soothes our body and stimulates Higher Sensory Awareness with Waves of Love and Joy that will open all the doors of perception in the Higher and Subtler Levels of Experience.

Everyone can have a more tangible experience of meditation than you ever thought was possible. Your Consciousness will transform and produce the Divine Nectar of Blissful Perception called Soma. Soma activates the Senses to perceive beyond the mundane awareness of the present reality and open the doors to beautiful Multidimensional Perception. Soma helps your Consciousness to feel and understand beyond the field of perception of your physical senses and the limits of your mind

Mindful Observation creates the illusion of separation. Soma stimulates the Senses to feel reality rather than observe it. What we feel, we can trust. There are no more unknowns. All Perception becomes direct and tangible, filled with peace, love and certainty. Eternal Love Meditation will upgrade everything you do with more Love, more Joy, and a broader view of Reality than you ever thought was possible