Love Mantra

Consciousness expresses itself in our daily life as waves of Life Force. ELM shifts our attention in meditation to directly experience these waves of Life Force as blissful waves of Love. The first introduction to our program is designed to penetrate the veils of mundane perception and activate the highest frequencies of Consciousness as tangible waves of Love Force. This experience is enhanced by the Magenta color of the Yantra and the extraordinary frequencies of the newly discovered Love Mantra.

This first technique of ELM activates the Source Mother Heart of the Universe that resides deep within every human heart. This activation goes beyond the range of our human mind and any of our personal abilities. When you first receive this technique, we will trigger the switch deep inside the Mother Heart of this Universe to Light up with waves of Love Force that will naturally produce a state of deep meditation unlike anything you have ever experienced. Both your body, mind and soul will feel new waves of Love Force moving through them. The frequencies of this meditation will regenerate and align every part of your existence with the Mother Heart of this Universe and restore balance.

Anyone can do this meditation and feel the results. It does not require any mundane human abilities. We activate a field of Consciousness that is beyond any need for you to do anything to make the meditation work. It all happens naturally as the gentle waves of Love Force move through your Consciousness and out into the world you are experiencing. The friction and challenges of your personal life become opportunities for you to transform your life automatically into a more useful and more successful experience. Some of the most noticeable results are listed below:

  • More clear perception.
  • More clear and more accurate thinking.
  • Less stress on your mind and body.
  • Deeper rest and more healthy responses from your body.
  • More Confidence and less confusion.
  • More Compassion and joy in your daily life.
  • More creative inspiration and insight that help you to improve everything you do.
  • More adaptability to changes in your environment and work place,
  • More freedom to be yourself and release the old habits that have held you back. Better relationships with family and peers.
  • More support from the Universe to help you materialize the things you desire.