Invitation and Explanation

ELM is fundamentally different than any spiritual practice or form of meditation that you have ever done. Most spiritual techniques only focus on a single specific tool that opens our awareness to Spiritual Abilities. This is like focusing on one part of the horizon without seeing the broader perspective of the whole view of Spiritual Reality. Our view of Reality uses five senses of perception: hearing/sound, sight, smell, taste, and feeling. If we open more senses of perception, we can expand our perception to view the entire range of Universal Reality.

The ELM Program uses three tools

The ELM Program uses three tools to Activate and Empower your meditation by using the three most dominant senses of perception:

New Mantras

Newly discovered nuclear frequencies of sound that align your body, heart and soul to the highest rhythm of the impulses of the Universe.

New Yantras

Visual Sacred Geometry that stimulates your Inner Sight and opens all the Higher Dimensions of Perception in the Universe.

Love Force

Activates tangible feelings of the sweetest currents of Life Force that nourishes all life and generates the highest quality of life for every living being.

What You Get with The ELM Program

Anyone can do this meditation and feel the results. It does not require any mundane human abilities. We activate a field of Consciousness that is beyond any need for you to do anything to make the meditation work. It all happens naturally as the gentle waves of Love Force move through your Consciousness and out into the world you are experiencing. The friction and challenges of your personal life become opportunities for you to transform your life automatically into a more useful and more successful experience. Some of the most noticeable results are listed below:

  • More clear perception.
  • More clear and more accurate thinking.
  • Less stress on your mind and body.
  • Deeper rest and more healthy responses from your body.
  • More Confidence and less confusion.
  • More Compassion and joy in your daily life.
  • More creative inspiration and insight that help you to improve everything you do. More adaptability to changes in your environment and work place,
  • More freedom to be yourself and release the old habits that have held you back. Better relationships with family and peers.
  • More support from the Universe to help you materialize the things you desire.