New Life Mantra

This New Life is naturally generated from the waves of Love Force moving through our body and soul. Love has the Power to renew our Life and realign us with the Rhythm of the Universe. The New Life Mantra and Yantra will stretch our Love Consciousness deep into the Earth and high into the Sky.

The Masters say that our Mother is in the Earth and our Father is in Heaven. Human Beings are the only form of Life in this Universe that can integrate our spiritual life with our material life. Our New Life will be born as we unite the Love from our Mother Earth and our Father in Heaven. They are the True Parents of our New Life in this Universe. As our Love Consciousness is stretched deep inside the Earth and high into the Sky, our New Life is created. Our Consciousness becomes more clear and compassionate so we can see our life unfolding into a broader perspective of who we are and how this Universe is supporting us.

The Universe is a union of Heaven and Earth that truly wants to help her children be successful and happy with the New Life we are creating. We can only achieve this New Life by integrating our new Spiritual Reality with a new Love and Compassion for our material life in this world. Our New Life is an embodiment of our Spiritual Love and Compassion with our daily life in this material world. Once again we are not in a classroom. We are evolving our Divine Heart through the Power of Love Consciousness and the development of God Consciousness. We cannot rush through the door and feel complete. If we move too quickly, there will always be something we forget to develop and bring with us.