Magnificent Life Mantra

With this technique, the Heart of our New Life becomes a blazing Sun filled with Pink and Magenta Light. We feel this Pink and Magenta Sun blazing in all directions and uniting our Ego Center in the Solar Plexis with our Heart Center. We do not have to eliminate our Ego, but we do need to balance it with our Heart. The Ego is not our boss. It is a servant of our Heart. The Magnificent Life Meditation unites our Ego with our Heart and bathes it with Pink and Magenta Light to lift our Consciousness to a level of Love and Devotion for all Life.

We still make mistakes and make our decisions out of habits from our Earthly mind, but we can see more clearly from our Divine Consciousness. As soon as we see we are thinking too much and focused too much on the perception of our past, we can step back and get centered in our Divine Heart and look more clearly at the perspective of our life through our Higher Consciousness.

The Magnificent Life Mantra lifts our Consciousness to the Highest Frequency of Light, Love and Wisdom in this Universe. It is a Mantra that vibrates through every cell of our body and soul.

The Magnificent Life Yantra unites our Ego and Heart together and lifts our Ego into the Realms of the Mother Heart of this Universe. This Yantra holds the Universe together with Compassion, Love and Devotion.

The Magnificent Life Mantra and Yantra expand our awareness so we can see how everything in this Universe is interconnected and held together by the Power of Love, Compassion and Wisdom. What was once observed to be separated and resistant to our desires is now perceived as interconnected and held together by the delicate balance of the Force of Love. The Universe is an Ocean of interconnected realities that work in unison to accomplish our desires. Our personal desires are transformed as we realize that all this life that we are living is only the expression of God’s Consciousness playing in the Universe. We are an instrument in the hands of this Divine Universal Consciousness as it creates the symphony of our life in this world. The Universe is the body of God and our Consciousness is the instrument that creates harmony and balance.

The Magnificent Life Mantra and Yantra restores the balance of Creation and resurrects the knowledge that we are all in the Embrace and Support of this Universe and God. Using this Mantra and Yantra we learn how to direct our desires to fulfill the Divine Plan on Earth and bring all living beings into perfect Harmony and Support for each other. Learning how to direct our Love Force develops our ability to master the Super Normal Gifts that are our natural heritage from the Universe.