Violet fire Mantra

The Violet Fire Meditation activates the process of Ascension in both our Consciousness and our body and soul. When we use the Violet Fire Mantra and Yantra, we are using a powerful tool to heal our self and raise the frequency not only of our Consciousness, but also the Spiritual Nervous System of our Soul Body that includes all our Chakras and Nadis. Violet Fire is composed of Electric Blue Fire (Infinite Life Force) and the Pink Fire of Devotion (infinite Love Force). It is the color of the Crown Chakra that acts as a bridge between the Higher Spiritual Dimensions and our material existence in the world.

The Violet Fire Mantra and Yantra does more Healing than any other Mantra and Yantra. True Healing brings us back to God’s Consciousness in us. Every thought and feeling we experience sends out a frequency of either friction or Grace. Friction distorts our Consciousness and creates resistance in our daily life. Grace raises our Love Consciousness so everything in the Universe can support us. Healing is designed to bring us back to God Consciousness and perfect Harmony with the Divine Plan of this Universe. When Healing originates with Love Force and uses the Violet Fire Mantra, all the friction of our past Karma can be raised to a Higher Frequency and transformed. Our physical body and our Soul Body gradually begins to reflect the Pure Template of Perfect Health and Well-Being that they were meant to become.

This is a great tool for transforming our past and changing our view for a new and better future filled with so much Love and Grace. Love is graceful and smooth. Karma is challenging and disturbing. All Karma involves some push and pull that distorts our behavior and cancels any support coming from the Universe to help us. We can use the Violet Fire to heal these influences and old habits from our past. Each meditation with the Violet Fire Mantra and Yantra helps to transform and heal our friction in a natural and graceful way. We don’t need to plan what Karma we are going to heal. The Violet Fire Meditation will locate and heal our Karma in a natural way without our thinking about it. The Karma gets melted without our having to engage with it. Let the Meditation clean our house for us. It is the perfect housekeeper! Raise and blaze! Let the housekeeper of Violet Fire Meditation do the work for ua and naturally bring us into Ascension!